About us

The West River History Conference began in Keystone, SD in 1993.    Conference speakers are both amateur and professional historians. We seek to collect South Dakota and Upper Great Plains history from persons who have interesting stories to tell but who may never write them down. We see ourselves as an extension of the WPA Writers Project of the Depression years that preserved so much of our heritage by making a permanent record of these people, places and events. These stories by the people who have lived the experiences or knew those who did, provide a most important link that often fills in missing puzzle pieces of the past.

One of our primary goals is to encourage high school and college students to participate and present papers because they and others of their generation will be the future historians and authors of our history when we are no longer here. We, as Americans, often take our heritage for granted, and that is our loss. We have to know where we came from to understand where we are going.

Board of Directors 2015

Shebby Lee          President

Bev Pechan          Vice President

Bobbi Sago            Secretary/Director of Publications

Diana Hayes          Treasurer

Sandi McLain         Project Director

Marguerite Kleven     Exhibits

Wayne Gilbert           Sponsorships

Carolyn Weber           Corresponding Secretary

Carol Saunders           Student Liason


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